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E.I. Medical Imaging Portable Veterinary Ultrasound


E.I. Medical Imaging is proud to be the only manufacturer of portable ultrasound systems engineered and developed in the United States, specifically for veterinarians.

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound E.I. Medical
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Portable Veterinary Ultrasound E.I. Medical

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound E.I. Medical EVO

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Reliable diagnostic tools are just as important as image quality for the busy veterinarian. Lightweight, portable, long battery life, stress tested, with doppler—the new Ibex EVO ensures you scan with confidence and brings a happy ending to your day.

View live ultrasound wirelessly on your iOS or Android mobile devices! 

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rugged and durable

Engineered with DurasScan® technology, our ultrasounds are drop-tested, splash resistant, and weather-sealed to protect against the rigors of veterinary work.

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repairable transducers

Our transducers are equipped with an armored Kevlar cable and are tested to withstand 1.2 million bend cycles. They are also fully repairable, not just replaceable, saving you money and hassle over time.

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E.I. systems are designed with a friendly, intuitive user interface, on-board context sensitive help menus, and customizable veterinary-specific exam presets.

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Our ultrasound systems come with a 3-year warranty. If the unthinkable happens and your Ibex goes blink, we'll fix it quickly, in-house, plus we'll send you a free loaner so you never have to miss a beat.

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customer support

Downtime is not in the vernacular at E.I. Medical Imaging—service is the hallmark of our business. With industry-leading service turnaround times and a free loaner program, we ensure continuity of your business. All service is conducted at our EIMI facility in Loveland, Colorado, using only genuine EIMI parts.


From online learning resources to classroom and wet lab training experiences, we are here to ensure you get the most out of your ultrasound equipment. Through our partnership with the creators of FASTVet™, we support training opportunities for small animal practitioners. Click to learn more!

EIMI is also involved in educating future veterinarians, and we offer two specific programs toward that end:

  • EIU™ Student Externship Program—EIMI provides ultrasound on loan to vet students for externship experiences. Contact us for more information: 866-365-6596.
  • EIU™ Seminars—EIMI hosts ultrasound seminars at veterinary schools and in the field, comprising a short introductory lecture and hands-on wet labs. Contact us to schedule: 866-365-6596.

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