Because the two probes/transducers most commonly used for small animal scanning were originally designed for human neurosurgery, they were not intended to be stored on a veterinary ultrasound machine and easily fall through the probe/transducer hanger. These simple but effective probe/transducer savers reduce the odds of a probe/transducer being damaged by falling to the floor. 


Useful for Hitachi Aloka UST 987-7.5, 5524-7.5, 9104-5, and 5821-7.5. Does not interfere with using standard holder for larger probes/transducers.

By using rubber cement to hold in place the probe/transducer saver will prevent the probe/transducer from falling through the holder. It also works on the Hitachi Aloka SSD 1000, 1400(2 styles-front and rear pocket) 4000, 5000 and
Alpha 5.

Grip for Hitachi Aloka UST-987-7.5, UST-9104-5, UST-9120 and C-42K